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  • Forto F-19  Prostate Massager
    Forto F-19 Prostate Massager

    A sensually curved prostate massager. Made from medical grade silicone, and flexible - this plug is designed to hit the ...

  • Forto F-30: POINTER RED
    Forto F-30: POINTER RED

    Tiered anal toy with a tapered insertion point for ease of use.  Available in 3 sizes:Small: 4.0" Length, 1.2" Diam...

  • Forto F-36: Silcone T Plug
    Forto F-36: Silcone T Plug

    This sensational T-Plug has a tapered entry point for easy insertion. The flared base slips easily between the cheeks fo...

  • Forto F-42: SPIRAL BEADS
    Forto F-42: SPIRAL BEADS
    Was: $59.95
    Now: $48.00

    Silky smooth premium silicone anal plug with tapered point for ease of entry. Length: 6.5"Diameter: 1.3"...

  • Forto F-52: CONE BEADS
    Forto F-52: CONE BEADS
    Was: $59.95
    Now: $48.00

    Made from premium Silicone, with a silky smooth texture. This three-tiered anal plug with flared base is sure to hit you...

  • Forto F-64: 50mm Ring (Blue)
    Forto F-64: 50mm Ring (Blue)

    A medical grade silicone cock ring - soft and flexible for the best support. Wide banded for comfort and maximum effecti...

  • Forto F-78: Pointee Plug (Red)
    Forto F-78: Pointee Plug (Red)
    $39.95 - $49.95

    Made from medical grade silicone this tapered anal plug has two tiers for filling sensations. Soft and flexible and fini...

  • Forto F-83: SPIR PLUG
    Forto F-83: SPIR PLUG

    Medical grade silicone anal plug - honeycomb shaped for intense sensations and completed by a flared tail base....

  • Forto F-88: DOUBLE RING
    Forto F-88: DOUBLE RING

    A dual ringed cock ring that provides the ultimate support. Made from a soft and flexible silicone for the ultimate in e...

  • Forto Thruster
    Forto Thruster
    Was: $304.95
    Now: $214.00

    Made from premium Silicone and an ABS Plastic handle. Featuring 7 Thrust Modes and is charged by a USB Magnetic Charge. ...