Creative Concepts Domin8: Master Edition


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Domin8 is a game of sexy submission and fiendish domination, where each player gets to play out both roles. Relinquish control and let your partner have their wicked way with you, or embrace your inner Dom and take command. From Doctor and Patient, to Master & Slave, let your imagination run wild with 24 sexy scenarios for you and your partner to role-play.

The Master Edition features a feast of fetishising luxuries, including a paddle, feather tickler, handcuffs, bondage tape, and a blindfold. All items have been lovingly selected to enhance your pleasure and invigorate game play.

Whatever your fantasy, playing control games with the person you love and trust is a great way of giving and receiving sexual pleasure, all while exploring exciting new activities together. So give into the temptation, unleash your inner beast, and let your deepest fantasies come to life.

The Domin8: Master Edition includes:

  • 36 Domin8 Tiles
  • 24 Scenario Cards
  • 2 You/Me Cards
  • Steel Handcuffs
  • Spanking Paddle
  • Bondage Tape
  • Feather Tickler
  • Blindfold
  • Rule Booklet