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  • Creative Concepts Sexy 6 Dice
    Creative Concepts Sexy 6 Dice

    Sexy Dice Roll with raunchiness for impromptu flirty fun! Get down and get dirty with Sexy 6! Toss the dice to add a lit...

  • Silky Sensual Handcuffs
    Silky Sensual Handcuffs

    These two soft ribbons conceal a dangerous secret... By looping the end of the ribbon through the hole, you have st...

  • Blind Passion Mask
    Blind Passion Mask

    Trust your lover, enjoy the sensations and let yourself be drawn into the surprise. Use our Blind Passion Mask to s...

  • Two-O Vibrating Cock-Ring
    Two-O Vibrating Cock-Ring

    The Two-O vibrating ring features two mini motors attached to a super-stretchy and comfortable pleasure ring for better,...

  • Nip Zip Balm
    Nip Zip Balm

    This all-natural balm was designed to be enjoyed on the nipples of both men and women, alike. It can be applied to vario...

  • Kinky Nights Dice
    Kinky Nights Dice

    Unleash your kinky side with a roll of the dice! Let fate decide who is in control, how they will restrain their partner...

  • Tenga Egg Surfer
    Tenga Egg Surfer

    Surfer is part of the hard gel series and features ribs and nubs of different heights and angles for those looking for a...

  • Tenga Egg Shiny
    Tenga Egg Shiny

    Shinny is part of the hard gel series with a rising sun in the centre of the EGG and radiating ribs it will create a wil...

  • Lucky Love Dice
    Lucky Love Dice

    Sometimes, love is a matter of chance. Use these dice to discover how lucky you are in love. Bijoux Indiscrets' dice gam...

  • A Little Lovin' Adult Game
    A Little Lovin' Adult Game

    Explore new ways of seduction with A Little Lovin' Game. This fun, adult couple's game is made for serious lovers, and i...