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Guide to Sex Toy Lube and Personal Lubricants
Silicone-based personal lubricants and water-based personal lubricants are used during sex in lots of different situations. Lubricants are intended to minimise friction and help make sex more pleasurable and are also great use with all types of sex toys. While many people already use personal lubricants, there are still some who believe that personal lubricants only need to be used when the natural lubrication is not enough. Why use personal lubricants for sex? First of all, personal lubricants reduce the friction generated during sex. If a partner is not sufficiently lubricated during s..
Celebrities using sex toys
Being true to your sexuality is understanding your needs and what turns you on. A vibrator used to be a woman’s best kept secret fearing that exposing your sexuality often times lets people to judge you. But when the news hit the headlines that celebrities were spicing up their sex lives using different sex toys, women soon realised that there was nothing to be ashamed off. Some famous celebrities that are currently using sex toys are Beyonce, Rhianna, Eva Longoria, Carrie Fischer, Halle Berry, Madonna, Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart. These powerful women aren’t afraid to heat up the level..
We-Vibe Rave and We-Vibe Nova pre-order
We are enthusiastic to announce our very latest set of vibrators which is the first to launch in Australia. Introducing the We-Vibe Rave and the We-Vibe Nova which are now available for pre-order at our website.  The We-Vibe Rave has a dynamic shape, flexibly designed for a woman’s body. Once you turn on the button, the rythmic motion will arouse your G-spot within seconds. Because every woman is different, you have the option to choose the level of intensity. There may be days where you’re fond of more pressure, while on other nights, you crave for that gentle touch. Don’t worry... Th..
Australian first: L'Amourose
Just hot off out of customs is the L'Amourose collection set which is designed to give you that Halleluiah jolt even after one try. We are excited to introduce a one of its kind collection, that’s never been seen yet and the very first on our site.  Comprised of the Prism V, Prism VII, and Prism VII Rouge which are all guaranteed to justify the intensity and provide unbelievable sensations. The L’Amourose Prism V comes with five strong vibrations and twelve speeds. Charge it for one hour and you can play for more than two hours. Created with a unique shape, they come in different ..
Liberator Furniture Launch
Who says sex has to be in the bedroom?  When your desires are screaming for more action, it’s time to get creative and elevate the heat. Look no further... We are proud to announce the latest Liberator brand which is the hottest sex furniture in the market. We are one of the first in Australia to have it. The Liberator collection consists of the Liberator Wedge, the Liberator Ramp, the Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo, the Liberator Black Label Wedge, the Liberator Black Label Ramp, and the Liberator Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo. All of these provide the intimacy you need with your mate. ..
The Power of Sexual Chemistry
Do you believe Sexual Chemistry exists? Have you ever met someone and sensed that deep, raw attraction you couldn’t explain? I never knew how powerful Sexual Chemistry could be after I bumped into an old flame after 22 years of not seeing each other. Being on vacation to celebrate my birthday, little did I know a surprise awaited me. Him. The sparks flew high, my body became ensnared by a fervent connection, and I found myself deeply attracted to him. The magnetic pull felt so captivating which caused my heart to flutter and led my palms to sweat. Cliché as it may sound, all my raging hormones..
The Truth About Libido
Sex is undeniably wonderful. But you’ve probably had times when you just weren’t quite in the mood (hey, it can happen). The force that determines how you feel about getting hot ‘n’ heavy is your libido. Broadly speaking, your libido is your desire for sexual activity, a.k.a. your sex drive. The word itself derives from Latin terms for desire and lust. Libido has long been linked with our physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. Freud is pretty much responsible for popularising the term. According to him, from birth onwards, we pass through stages whereby our libido matures. For Fre..
The Secret Life of Sex Toys: Debunking Common Sex Toy Myths
It was Socrates who once said, “the unexamined life is not worth living.”  While we probably don’t want sex tips from a perpetually disheveled, Ancient Greek Philosopher, there might be some truth to his dictum when it comes to our sex lives. At the very least, the unexamined sex life is worth improving. To get you on your way, we’ve used our myth-busting magic to examine some common misconceptions about sex toys.  Myth: Sex toys are really only marital aids You may have heard sex toys described as “marital aids.” If you haven’t (lucky you), then you’re probably as put-off b..
Toyin’ Around: Your Guide to Choosing the Right Sex Toy

So you're looking to buy something naughty? Well your not alone, about 60% of women have used a vibrator. 

Our short guide to deciding which sex toy to buy, whether you're a seasoned veteran or a green beginner.  

We-Vibe 4 Plus versus We-Vibe Classic

Looking to buy the We-Vibe 4 Plus or the We-Vibe Classic and not sure which one to buy? Want to know the difference? In this article we compare what's the same and what's different between the two.

Sex-Positive Thinking

Thinking positively about sex sounds redundant. It’s sex. Of course we love it. 

But “sex-positive” means more than just thinking sex is good.  Sex-positive is a...

Gettin’ Healthy by Gettin’ off: 5 Health Benefits of Orgasms
There are few things more wonderful than an orgasm, especially the kind that leaves your heart racing, your breath uneven and your body trembling from head to toe.  But just in case it’s been a long time between drinks for you and the Big O, here are some pretty compelling reasons why you should be climaxing every chance you get - as if you need convincing! 1. Stress and Tension Relief You know all those wonderful, warm and fuzzy feelings that descend after sex?  What about that post-coital clarity of mind and the deep rush of calm? Well it turns out there’s a reason for the..
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Closing the Orgasm Gap
You’ve probably heard of the pay gap. And you’ve almost certainly heard of the generation gap, but what about the orgasm gap? Is it really a “thing”? ‘Orgasm gap’ is the juicy new term given to the problem of men far outstripping women when it comes to getting off. In some quarters, it’s being reported that men have three times as many orgasms as women (!). Men seem to be having more orgasms more often. Thanks to the team at Cosmopolitan we now have some pretty cool data on the gap. It seems that women really are drought-stricken when it comes to the Big O. In an epic online poll, Cosmop..
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Discreet Sex Toy Guide
When it comes to sex toys, discretion is always a hot topic. Most of our customers don’t live alone, and have families as well as kids of their own, so they require toys that won’t ring alarm bells at first glance. They want a toy that will perform just as well as that vibrating dong or rabbit vibrator, but one that is much more subtle in it’s appearance. So, if you are also looking for a discreet adult toy to spice up your sex life, then you are in luck because we have plenty of cheeky little products that will get you off without blowing their cover! Here is our list of the best and most ..
Complete Fleshlight Guide
There is an increasing range of Fleshlights including STU, Vibro, Girls, Fleshjack and more. This guide will help you understand the differences so you can make a better decision. Why buy a Fleshlight? The world's best selling male sex toy. Patented design and high quality material.  The most realistic feel of any masturbator.  Discreet. Looks like a flashlight, although a rather big one.  With the Girls and Fleshjack range you can encounter your favourite porn stars body part.  Fleshlight types Pink Lady or Lotus The orifice is in the shape of a..