Womanizer Pro40 White

Womanizer Pro40 White
Womanizer Pro40 White
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The world's most advanced clitoris stimulator!

The new Womanizer has arrived, and it is a true revolution. With the company's uniquely patented air technology allowing stimulation of the clitoris without any contact, you are rewarded with an incredible sensation of ecstasy.

An innovation in clitoral play, Womanizer vibrators use suction rather than vibrations to surround and stimulate the clitoris without direct contact, for fresh and all-encompassing sensations. This latest addition to the Womanizer family is perfect for those wanting the “Womanizer” experience at an introductory price point, while using a trusted brand.

Ergonomically designed, the rechargeable Womanizer PRO40 offers 8 levels of intensity, which are controlled by a rocker switch offering you complete control over your pleasure time. This allows for a gentle introduction of stimulation through to a more intense wave of pure ecstasy, which will have you in euphoric bliss and reaching exceptionally intense orgasms without touch!

For those who seek ultimate clitoral orgasm that does not require penetration or for those looking for a new way of reaching climax, then the Wominzer PRO40 is for you. Light, gentle and discreet, join the Womanizer revolution and find out for yourself why it's a global best-seller.

Key Features

  • 8 control modes
  • Triggers multiple orgasms
  • Touchless clitoral stimulation
  • Manufactured from ABS plastic and body safe high grade silicone (phthalate free)
  • Light effect in the dark
  • Attractive design
  • 100% waterproof (also works underwater)
  • Super-quiet
  • Easy to clean
  • Charges fully in 1 hour, giving you 2 hours of extreme pleasure time
  • Rechargeable (lithium-ion battery)
  • USB cable, two interchangeable heads to accommodate different physiques and user manual included
  • 1 year warranty

Why buy the Womanizer?

The Womanizer has been extensively tested with females aged between 20 and 60. The results?

  • 73% reported multiple orgasms
  • 76% had an extraordinarily intense orgasm
  • 63% experienced a completely new sexual experience
  • 98% wanted to own a Womanizer
  • 100% said the Womanizer was undoubtedly unique

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