About Sex Toys

SexToys.com.au started in 2008 when two friends decided to quit the corporate world and do something much more fun. They noticed that even though sex toys were becoming more popular, existing adult stores were a very unpleasant experience and they stocked mainly cheap low quality products. 

So they decided to launch SexToys.com.au with the following mission:

"The world's best sex toy brands at Australia's best prices."

Since then, SexToys.com.au has grown to become one of Australia's biggest adult toy retailers. With tens of thousands of customers and millions of dollars in sales it has grown mainly through word of mouth. 

At SexToys.com.au we only stock products made from premium materials such as medical grade silicone and brands that are world famous such as LELO and Fleshlight. We do not sell anything that we personally wouldn't use. 

We are also proud to have all our operations including warehouse and support in Australia.

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We want you to have an exceptional experience while shopping from SexToys.com.au. If you have a question or a suggestion we would love to hear from you.